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Public Equity

Public Equity Value Investing

Search for Alpha

Qapital is a private investment firm located in Rotterdam, building a hybrid portfolio of public and private equity. We find opportunities in undervalued stocks (long term value investing) as well as the development of ventures in tech and digital.

We invest with a long term horizon. Currently we are developing a portfolio of undervalued stocks and a mix of globally orientated ETF’s. Our investments are solely meant for our Qapital portfolio and can not be interpreted as financial advice.

Key Investment Drivers

Long term horizon

The best results can be achieved over longer periods of time.

Margin of Safety

Improved risk exposure by using the principle of margin of safety.

Intrinsic value

A stock’s worth is best determined by the underlying fundamental long-term economics.


Act rational and disciplined in portfolio management and take advantage of the market’s mispricing.

Other services

Private Equity

Adding value by active management.


Building better performing businesses.


Funders and Founders, One Goal.