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Private Equity

Private Equity Partnerships

Building for Growth

Entrepreneurs first. Whether we participate in larger companies already operating a viable business (growth equity) or scalable smaller ventures showing high potential, we always dive in deep. Our approach can be classified as hands-on active management and we operate alongside the existing founder team.

We have a strong preference for companies that are tech related and highly scalable. However, when the opportunity fits our investment views, more traditional companies are also welcome to join our portfolio. By optimizing current processes and unlocking value we are set for growth.

If a possible investment opportunity matches our strategic interest we have multiple options to participate. Currently we focus on growth opportunities in the VC field (or more specific growth equity), a subsection of Private Equity. Participations can either be added to Qapital Venture Partners or, in the case of digital media related ventures, to our subsidiairy ID Group. We commercialize labels as ICONS Media, Dutch Media Factory, RocketPress, CoolMobile and more. Whereas Qapital Venture Partners has a more diversified strategy, ID Group has a portfolio focus and is looking to acquire and build digital (service) companies to act as a technology investor.

Key Investment Drivers

Buy & Build

Building a solid platform for scalable companies reinforcing each other.


Great teams build better companies. We are open for combining forces to get optimal results.

Cash flow positive

Companies need to have a positive cashflow and be able to generate a fairly steady stream of revenues.

Active Management

We provide an active management style and invest alongside the existing entrepreneurs.

More information

Qapital is a private investment firm located in Rotterdam, building a hybrid portfolio of public and private equity. We find opportunities in undervalued stocks (long term value investing) as well as the development of ventures in tech and digital. Our mission is to create lasting impact and added value for the businesses we partner with as well as related stakeholders and environment. Our main goal is to build long lasting partnerships and create optimal Return on Investment for the ventures we invest in including their management and our co-investors. 

In our portfolio building strategy we partner with entrepreneurs  and companies across various sectors. We participate in ventures selected on market fit and validity (traction), team experience and needed resources. We have a preference on growth opportunities in the following markets;

  • Digital – Marketplaces & E-Commerce facilitators
  • Tech – Biotech & Fintech
  • AI & Robotics

These ventures need to be highly scalable to match our goals. The preference is to partner up with the target companies itself as well as other investors (investment syndicates) or have a overlap in current services to fit in our Digital Buy & Build strategy. Although we prefer to work in innovative digital tech businesses we are open to all opportunities that can benefit from our vision on growth and development. In other words, also ventures in more traditional markets, e.g. small and medium sized businesses in manufacturing, industrial or retail where our active management approach can benefit your company are welcome to contact us.

Great teams build better companies. We are open for combining forces to get optimal results. If you are confident that you can add value to a team and to target companies do not hesitate to contact us. As not all companies experience similar issues, adding team value is not always the same as solely releasing funding, but can also consist of specific legal, finance or growth strategy specialism.

Please send us more information using our contactform or send your documents to Provide us with information on your businesscase and the kind of assistance you are looking for, e.g. funding or management support. Although not all opportunities are eligible to fit in our investment strategy we wil take a close look at the presented case.   

Valuation of (fast growing) companies is complex and based on many variables such as possible future earnings, comparibles and growth potential with methods such as the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF). Apart from looking at previous investment rounds we also do our own due diligence to get a valuation that represents the actual value. Valuations are based on a triangulation of multiple sources to get the most realistic outcome.

Our investment portal for Qapital co-investors will launch in 2020. The P2P FNDR matching engine connecting funders and founders is currently in development and is also scheduled for 2020.

Other services

Public Equity

Finding alpha by fundamental research.


Building better performing businesses.


Funders and Founders, One Goal.