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Making private equity ownership available for everyone

Bridging the Gap

Do you want to invest in potentially fast growing companies but not sure what investment opportunity to pick? You probably do not want invest all your money in one startup. Meet FNDR. We offer you the possibility to select or build your own diversified portfolio of companies in 3 simple steps.

The Fndr platform is in development at this very moment and we are working on regulations aspects and technical frameworks. Our goal is to launch in 2020.

Key Investment Drivers

Mid-Long term investment

No daytraders here, just investors looking for a solid portfolio combined with high growth potential.

Investment Syndicates

Team up and invest as a group. Combine forces and knowledge, focus on better results.

24/7 Insights

Always online. Manage your portfolio and check company insights whenever and wherever you are.

Risk vs. Reward

Define your risk tolerance by advanced diversification. Keep in mind that investing places your money at risk.

More information

FNDR connects funders and founders. We offer an innovative platform that bridges the gap between investors and company founders looking for capital.  These fast growing companies are combined into small funds so that your investment is better diversified. You can choose if you want to invest in a specific industry or based on regional variables. We make it easy to build a portfolio that matches your interests. 

FNDR is founded by Qapital, a Dutch, Rotterdam based, investment company. We take the upmost care of invested funds but as with all investments there is substantial risk of losing money. Never invest in financial products when you are not comfortable with the product, lack financial knowledge or can not spare the invested amount. FNDR acts as intermediary between funders and founders by offering a technologically advanced platform. 

Private equity investing (providing venture capital is a part of PE). Investing in private companies, e.g. startups and scaleups might give higher returns but is a more risky asset class. As you might know many startups won’t become a scaleup. That’s why smart investors build a diversified portfolio and not put all the eggs in one basket. At FNDR we made this quite simple. Every company that needs funding will be classified according to structure, debt ratio, growth, market, team etc. and will be placed in a certain risk class. When you combine those companies with different risk factors our algorithms will show a combined, or total estimated risk exposure. This means that you face less risk when choosing for a preset fund, or when you build your own fund, you can define your own risk level you are comfortable with.    

Valuation of fast growing companies is complex and based on many variables such as possible future earnings and growth potential with methods such as the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF). Apart from looking at previous investment rounds we also do our own due diligence to get a valuation that represents the actual value. Valuations are based on a triangulation of multiple sources to get the most realistic outcome.

Yes, although we carefully select preset funds containing multiple assets eligible investors can build their own micro funds. The combination of assets defines your total exposure or risk class. Diversification makes your portfolio potentially less risky but might give lower returns. 

We do not offer advice on what to trade but we do place a risk factor on each asset (company). All investors on FNDR, professional or not, have their own preference on selected funds or companies. We have no affiliation with companies listed on FNDR unless specifically mentioned. Our due diligence process is solely meant to get an estimate on the risk profile of a specific company and can never been seen as an advice to buy or sell a part of your portfolio. 

Other services

Private Equity

Adding value by active management.

Public Equity

Finding alpha by fundamental research.


Building better performing businesses.