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Strategic Performance Optimization

Building better Business

Changing market conditions, a drop in sales or ineffective management can be a trigger for a downfall in revenues and eventually make a company go out of business. However, distressed businesses can be recovered and companies getting out of focus can be aligned with strategy again.

Qapital invests the necessary means in a company in order to revive businessmodel, management and returns. Often drastic measures are needed to maintain employability and recover from losses but sometimes the company only needs a fresh look on processes.

Our focus


Securing funding, financial engineering or optimizing cashflow and cost structures.

Strategic Marketing

Getting back on the radar in the market by communicating a solid proposition.


Optimizing most important processes and building a more efficient organization.

Competitive Advantage

What do you add to the value chain? Managing your core competences.

More information

Highly experienced professionals with extensive knowledge on finance, process efficiency, marketing and sales will get your company back on track. An academic approach coming from Master of Science qualifications from various universities such as the University of Oxford and the Rotterdam School of Management and a PhD program in Amsterdam combined with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Although we can help any type of business we prefer to assist mid to larger size companies. 

We are able to deliver short term advice up to long term strategy. Assessing business cases or connecting for several months or even longer is possible. Please get in contact to specify your needs.

In relatively smaller size companies (revenue <50M) there is a possibility to combine our advisory with a participation role. Getting our hands dirty in a company matching our overall portfolio strategy could benefit both.

Other services

Private Equity

Adding value by active management.

Public Equity

Finding alpha by fundamental research.


Funders and Founders, One Goal.