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About us

Private Equity

Adding value to companies by active management and aligning strategic interests. Great teams build better companies.

Public Equity

Finding alpha by fundamental research. Identifying undervalued global opportunities to build a solid equity portfolio.


Building better performing businesses by strategic repositioning, financial optimization or improving operations and sales efficiency.


Funders and Founders. One Goal.
Providing liquidity and funding for growth whilst offering risk diversification in asset management.

Strategic alignment for ethical investing

Value meets Values

Qapital is a private investment and management consulting firm supporting organizations during the various stages throughout their lifecycle, from startup to corporate. We offer support on business strategy, finance and process optimization whilst focusing on value creation and growth. Qapital aims at participating in private as well as public companies and searches for undervalued opportunities.

We find opportunities in undervalued stocks (long term value investing) as well as the development of ventures in tech and digital. Our mission is to create lasting impact and added value for the businesses we partner with as well as related stakeholders and environment. Great results are generated by great teams. Our main goal is to build long lasting partnerships and create optimal Return on Investment for the ventures we invest in including their management and our co-investors.