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About us

ID Group
Building market leaders

Entrepreneurs first. Whether we participate in larger companies already operating a viable business (growth equity), distressed SME’s or scalable smaller ventures showing high potential, we always dive in deep. Our approach can be classified as hands-on active management and we operate alongside the existing founder team.

Alpha Equity
Finding value in public markets

We find opportunities in undervalued stocks (long term value investing) and we invest with a long term horizon. Currently we are developing a portfolio of undervalued stocks and a mix of globally orientated ETF’s. Our investments are solely meant for our Qapital portfolio and can not be interpreted as financial advice.


Qapital is a private investment and management consulting firm supporting organizations during the various stages throughout their lifecycle, from startup to corporate. We offer support on business strategy, finance and process optimization whilst focusing on value creation and growth.


A team of entrepreneurs with a solid background. Dozens of combined years in venturing backed by academic Masters level qualifications gained at Rotterdam School of Management, Oxford University and the VU Amsterdam. We have extensive knowledge on strategy, finance and innovation.


In our opinion prosperity can be driven by entrepreneurship. To be able to start and grow your business opens up opportunities to build a sustainable future. Without entrepreneurship and competition there wouldn’t be the need for innovation. We support companies on a mission.